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To My Dear Friends...

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

I want to thank everyone for their recent concern about my health, so here is a brief update.

On the positive side, because I'm mostly bed-bound and too tired for visitors, the restrictions of Covid have been just like everyday life for me, except that for a while my children could only see me outside the window of the rest home where I've lived for 8 years (I've had M.S. for nearly 40 years now). Covid is no longer active in NZ, thanks to our wise national leadership, and the willingness of my fellow citizens to accept personal restrictions for our collective good.

I miss the Baha'i community very much but, thank God, the internet has enabled me to 'visit' devotional meetings from around the globe and 'chat' with people the world over. On increasingly rare days I go outside in my wheelchair, or my son takes me for a drive (M.S. makes me unable to sit up for long).

Due to breathing difficulties I have difficulty speaking, so must increasingly rely on oxygen. The scariest part was when all available cylinders were empty. Fortunately since then I've been able to hire one for a significant cost, making me so aware of the prohibitive and perhaps life-threatening expense of health care for many. During a recent painful relapse I was approved for cannabinoil treatment (a cannabis derivative) for which I was again very grateful, but also found it very expensive. I had to stop due to a negative reaction.

These words of Abdu'l-Baha are a great ecouragement through bad times. (Paris Talks.)

I felt so grateful and confirmed when in the first years of starting this blog it received over 36,000 international views. However, the most recent symptom affects both my vision and my ability to write and spell, making reading and writing very difficult. If it progresses I will have to end this blog, which will be very sad as it has given me a great sense of purpose through some difficult times.

These days I'm mostly too tired to leave my bed. Thanks to the years of prayer and meditation that have been a regular part of my life I am quite happy to be left to myself these days, as long as my TV and radio are working and the food is reasonably good! Despite everything, I remain grateful and content.

I pray that Covid will be as kind to you as it has been to me. Warmest love, Patricia.


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