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002. People Changing the World


001. Same divine song, New words

113. Education for a new Garden of Eden

112. We are all in This Together

111. Apologizing; the Use and Abuse of 'Sorry'

110. The Christmas Concert

109. Tribute to a Bank Robber

108. Human History; a Race Between Education and Catastrophe?

107. Unity in Diversity; diverse peoples of one single kind

106 How Science and Religion Saved my Life.

105. Our earth is a Melting Pot

104. The Doomsday Clock strikes a new abnormal

103. The Future depends on today's Mothers

102. Want a safer world for your children?

101. Our Friend Col And The Hooters

100. Nothing New under the Sun

99. How Can We Heal Racism? Moving Beyond Tolerance.

98. My Introduction to Religion; pictures, parties and fairies!

97. How we are Taught to have Religious Prejudice

96. Learning about Baha'i Principles and Quantum Theory

95. Sharing the Jesus Story with Jenny. Sharing the Jesus Story with Jenny.

94. My Earliest Lesson in Empathy

93. Why do Bad things happen to Good People?

92. The Most Inspiring Person I have ever met.

91.The Intriguing World of Inspiration and Intuition

90. Are dreams real?

89. Exploring Gender Roles in the Baha'i Teachings

88. The Root Cause of Wrongdoing is Ignorance.

87. Is the very civilisation of the planet under threat?

86. Erratic Movements Towards an Age of Peace.

85. A True Religion shorn of all superstition

84. Dreaming about a New Year​ of Oneness and Unity. about a New Year​ of Oneness and Unity

83. Learning and Practicing Unity in Diversity in the Family.

82. We Are The World..

81. Peace; more that just an End to War.

80. Dreaming About the World as One

79. Some Questions for the Planet

78. Dreaming About the World as One

77. Reviewing the #MeToo Movement; Forward Planning, a call to Action

76. #MeToo; Answered in the Golden Rule

75. Dulcie Dive, a Knight in Shining Armour

74. 12 Major Bahai Principles

73. There is no Cause for Despair

72. Your Right to be Wrong

71 How I Discovered I was really a Mutant.

70. A Baha'i Response to UN's 'Spiritual and Moral Crisis'

69. Nations are an aggregate of Families

68. All Creation is Designed around Gradualism 67. Lack of Change is Indicative of Death ?

66. Completing an Age-old Journey

65. There is no Cause for Despair

64. The Future has Never Looked so Bright.

63. One Common Home

62. Who Are You, and Where Do You Come From? 61. How Science and Religion Saved my Life

60. Preserving Unity in a new Age of Diversity

59. Where was Humanity's 'Garden of Eden'?

58. Confessions of A Mutant.

57. Women in Power

56. How Women's Thoughts have consequences for World Peace. consequences-for-world-peace

55. "You can kill me as soon as you like..."

the veil and the feminization of the planet

54. Our Earth Is A Melting Pot. 54/

53. A Child's Learning about Religion 54/

52. Every Atom is a Door

51. Women's role in a Race Between Education and Catastrophe

50. Unity; an idea whose time has come.


48. What Is an Atom?

47. What is the Bahai Faith? religion

46. A Series of Embarrassing Episodes

45. The Future of Humanity Depends on Science

44. The Long Awaited Possibility of World Peace.

43. The Atom, made for our Training. SCIENCE

42. 'Tutira mai'; We Are all in This Together

41. The prisoner of war. SPIRITUALITY

40. Freed from the Cage


38. The Harmony of Science and Religion SCIENCE

37 Global Women look Back, March Forward

36. First Grow, Then Become, Then Contribute.

35. A Strange but True Story.

34. Resolving Global Issues

33. Why do Bad things happen to good people? 32. Peace; More than just as end to war.

31a. A Scheme for the Unification of the World

31. The Doomsday Clock strikes a new abnormal.

30. The Unity of Science and Religion

29. The Power of Change

28. Our Body is Like the Cage.

27. Creating Positive Personal and Political Change

26b. Education for a Garden of Eden

26. The Power of Change

26a. The Power of Change

26. Little people doing many little things...

25. Nations; an Aggregate of Families

25a The Clash of Differing Opinions

24. Every Atom is a Door...

24. Waging a constant fight

23. A Super Hero of Women's Rights

22. A brand new Baha'i on a steep learning curve

21. The Clash of Political and Cultural Opinion

20. The Dire Consequences of a Religious Leader's Death.

19. Growing Global Movements towards Unity 18. There is No Cause for Despair.

17. The story of the Baha'i Faith - From Tragedy to 'Happily Ever After'

16. Viewing Humanity with Compound Vision

15. Why Gender Stereotypes are a Barrier to Peace.

14. Religion in harmony with Science pt 1

13. The Poisoning Survivor Who Slid down hills

12. Death; a Messenger of Joy.

11. My Journey from Atheism to Religion.

10. Teachers for All Humanity

09. Discovering Guides to Our Past, Present and Future

08. Some Family Secrets

07. Peace; More Than Just An End To War. UNITY

06. Fixing A Broken Family UNITY

05. Some Family Secrets

04. One Human Family

03. One God, Many Names

02. One School, Many Teachers, One Religion one religion

01. Same divine song, New words


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